During the early stages of Wii Homebrew, I undertook a project to create high quality icons for many homebrew applications usable via the Hombrew Channel.

Official Site: http://llref.emutalk.net/projects/wiistyle/

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Retro Ports

I've added several Retro Game Port icons to the set as requested. They aren't as crisp as my original set as I didn't use the same process to make them (notably using Photoshop instead of Flash), mainly because it was less time consuming and I just don't have the same level of interest as I did back then for this project.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Icon Requests

With the revamping of my website, I'm tentatively reopening this project to requests and suggestions. I myself have really not worked on much within the Wii Homebrew area for a while so I don't know much about what has changed since I last closed this project.

Here are some basic rules for requests:
- Application should be reasonably well thought out, I'm not interested in sugar-coating low quality material
- Icon suggestions can also be non-specific (ie console icons which can be used for all emulators of that console)
- A new proposed icon should be better than the original, no point in creating an icon for an application with an already awesome icon (unless it is of a completely different style, therefore out of place, etc)